Assist with creating a plan to respond to emergencies, and testing by Red Team.

Assist with creating a plan to respond to emergencies, and testing by Red Team.

We support our clients in establishing a crisis management system and training them to properly react, prepare for, and respond to emergencies such as terrorist attacks and disasters.

We provide comprehensive assistance from prevention to crisis management response, including the establishment, operation, and review of systems to improve customers' own crisis management capabilities, and response in the event of an emergency.

From organizing seminars to executing training

Seminars and training designed to support emergency response will teach about possible situations and decision-making criteria during an emergency. These seminars provide instruction on how to prepare in advance and how to make decisions. Training involves desk exercises and training on how to respond to emergencies. By creating specific scenarios and repeatedly practicing disaster prevention and how to set up a first aid station, participants will develop the ability to confront emergency situations.

Example of Training Services

  • Desk exercise based on the guidelines
  • Consideration of response measures based on disaster response scenarios
  • Security testing by the Red Team
  • Data center penetration testing
  • Disaster prevention education support for companies, schools, etc.

From disaster response training to security testing

From disaster response training to security testing

We prepared guidelines for the use of crisis management manuals in a certain prefecture and provided desk exercises on how the management section would respond to various disasters under the assumption that they had occurred in the prefecture. Specifically, the exercise was conducted using prefectural maps, and participants in the exercise were asked to come up with response measures based on disaster response scenarios.
As a case study of a certain company, we also conducted a penetration test of the company's data center in response to a request. We also conducted security tests using social engineering techniques and other methods, such as how USBs and CD-ROMs are brought in and how data is taken out.

Realistic Disaster Prevention Education

Realistic Disaster Prevention Education

We have been providing disaster education at elementary schools for 8 years. We do not just teach disaster preparedness, but we do it from the perspective of helping children acquire crisis management skills.

We go to elementary schools at 9:00 a.m. and encourage children to experience being a rescue team. First, we teach them what "disaster prevention" is, then we train them how to use a radio and rope, and then first aid training. We conduct disaster prevention education from morning to evening.

The curriculum includes drills at night in which parents play the role of the injured, scattering themselves around the school and sending their children to rescue them.

Crisis management is a matter of individual judgment. The key is to look at the situation, assess it, and make a decision. There is no other way. First, you look at the situation and decide what you can do. And finally, based on that judgment, you make a decision whether or not to carry it out.

This experience of the process of seeing a situation, judging, and making decisions is the most important element of disaster training.

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