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Our ThoughtsSave people from a life-threatening crisis


Our Thoughts

Our company was established in 2001 on the principle of “protecting human life and organizations’ existence from crisis in four categories such as life-threatening wars, terrorism, crime, disasters.”

We have services which we can provide because we have life and death field experience and many experience on the field. We predict the worst damage from various situations and produce the best course of action to avoid the worst damage. Do you have a plan to prepare for a real crisis which is based on real experience? Crisis Intelligence never compromises in protecting lives. This is all for saving important customers’ lives and assets.

As a pioneer of crisis management business

Our company is the first company in Japan which included a service in “crisis management business” in the articles of incorporation. In fact, the term of “crisis management” itself is a coined term and has not originally existed in Japanese language.
Why did we stick to the term “crisis management”? It originally started from two crises in 1995, “The Great Hanshin Earthquake” and “sarin attack by Aum Shinrikyo”. It was a fact that this country could not manage these two incidents of disaster and terrorism properly. Along with the recognition, we developed a critical feeling that the same things may happen again if we do not provide education and conduct research regarding crisis management. Based on that sense of crisis, we started our company thinking that we would like to establish a company which in the articles of incorporation included that this is a company that provides a service of “crisis management” and makes the service a reality. 

Crisis that Crisis Intelligence has seen

Our company has seen crisis that had an enormous impact on Japan since 2001.
Our company have managed various things as a crisis management company,
going through from “synchronized terrorist attacks worldwide” in 2001, “the Great East Japan Earthquake” in 2013 and “war in Ukraine” in 2022. We are operating a business assuming more crises than ever before will strike from this time. 

The goal that Crisis Intelligence is aiming at

Our company has done the following so far.
・Provide products for crisis management
・Provide know-how for crisis management
・Provide events regarding crisis management
However, we think that these are not enough.
In the next ten years, we would like to take on a challenge to make the following happen.
・Provide education on crisis management
・Provide a place for research and study of crisis management
・Provide policy recommendations regarding crisis management 

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