Consulting services to respond to terrorism, disasters, and other emergencies

Consulting services to respond to terrorism, disasters, and other emergencies

Since its establishment, Crisis Intelligence has assisted in responding to various emergencies, including the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the Great East Japan Earthquake.

We provide a full range of support and staffing services to respond quickly and effectively to terrorism, disasters, and other emergencies.

Consulting services for crisis management

  • Crisis Management Manual Creation
  • Creation of emergency response manual
  • Dispatch of support personnel
  • Logistics support, etc.

From manual creation to staffing and logistics support

From manual creation to staffing and logistics support, consult with us about your crisis management concerns.

Currently, many of our clients come from government agencies, but we also have clients from a variety of industries in the general corporate sector. For example, we have been involved with cosmetics manufacturers, subsidiaries of electrical equipment manufacturers, and insurance companies as clients in the past.

Time to complete the project

Time to complete the project

It depends on the case, for example however, it took roughly three months to create a list of disaster prevention stockpiles for District A, and about six months to support the creation of a crisis management manual for District B. This is because it takes time to "assume" what will actually happen. We do not merely make assumptions on paper; we believe that on-site research is essential, and that it is necessary to actually see the site in terms of "what kind of place," "what kind of thing," and "in what way it will happen.

On-the-spot investigation

On-the-spot investigation

For a crisis management manual, we visit the actual facility from the terrorist's point of view, and for a disaster prevention manual, we visit the disaster prevention -related facilities to determine where they are and how they can respond to the situation. These investigations alone can take from three to six months.

The study itself does not take that much time. As long as the information is gathered, the study can be done. However, it takes time to understand what actually happens and whether or not the "materials" currently available are really usable.

Crisis Intelligence's Commitment

Not a "manual" but a course of action to save lives

There are companies out there that specialize in creating crisis management manuals, but in many cases they are ready-made products with so-called "formats".

The manual we provide is actually more of an action guideline for crises, rather than just a manual.


Not a

Based on the survey, we will envision possible situations, set standards for actions accordingly, and provide training so that you can think and act according to the set standards.

In a disaster, many unexpected things can happen, and it is rare for things to proceed according to a manual.

In such a situation, it is important to train yourself to make decisions according to the guidelines and to act flexibly according to the situation, which will save lives in an emergency.

Assuming the Worst

We assume and clarify "realistic" figures of damage in advance.

When disaster strikes, humans may experience cognitive biases such as normalcy bias and optimism bias. By understanding in advance that people tend to underestimate and optimistically evaluate things when encountering unexpected situations, and by recognizing worst-case scenarios in advance, we are able to better cope with these cognitive biases in times of emergency

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