DCES Business Supports


DCES Business Supports

Specialized expertise is required in defense and crisis management business. CRISIS INTELLIGENCE Co., Ltd. participate is a business supporting company specializing exclusively in defense and crisis management business, and our staff members participate in the Defense and Crisis management exhibitions held several times a year. Then we are recognized as rare experts in this field in Japan. When you exhibit, our experienced staffs will support various operating process.


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Event Information

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Service of DCES Business Support



Exhibition to Japanese pavilion

CRISIS INTELLIGENCE Co.,Ltd is responsible for the Japanese pavilion office at overseas Defense and Crisis management exhibitions. Please apply through our Inquiry form if you are interested in exhibiting or request materials for consideration of exhibiting.



Exhibition Support

Our experienced staff members support all sorts of your preparation and overseas transportation of exhibit items etc. when you exhibit at defense and crisis management-related events and exhibitions which require specialized expertise.

Exhibition Preparation Support

Please let us help you if you need handling various procedures and providing effective exhibition methods and booth design, construction, event organization, and promotional material creation.

Operation Support

We provide arrangement support of interpreters, reception staffs, clerks, security staffs, vehicles, and coordinator specializing in the overseas defense and crisis management markets.

Follow-up Support

We provide all sorts of follow-up such as creating a visitor list who attend during event period, sending follow-up emails after the events and DMs, handling Customer inquiry desk.




Our professional staff members, who are familiar with defense and crisis management business and grasp effective promotional method for overseas clients, support the creation of materials, catalogs, Website, videos etc. for exhibitions.



Planning and Support for Business Events

Please entrust us with a wide range of advice, including event planning, content creation, assistance in inviting external lecturers for crisis management seminars.

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