Overseas Business Trip Support

We support your overseas expansion in the defense and
crisis management business as we know the overseas
business environment.

We support your overseas expansion in the defense and crisis management business as we know the overseas business environment.

In overseas markets, which is much larger than Japanese ones, the way of sales and purchase is entirely different. The reason Japanese companies cannot expand into overseas market is that they cannot adopt to such overseas market. We support global expansion of Japanese technologies and products through information and expertise gained by operating overseas defense and crisis management exhibitions. We also support overseas companies to exhibit at the exhibitions in Japan.

From operation of exhibition to business negotiations

For instance, when Japanese electronics companies would like to aim for cooperation with overseas defense companies, we accompany them to overseas defense exhibitions and support them. With respect to the service to support global expansion of crisis management products, we will introduce exhibitions and overseas companies with ties to us. In addition, we support business negotiations as well.
In the past, we supported a Japanese manufacturer which developed a mine detector. For their expansion of sales channel, we supported their exhibits at the exhibition and introduced overseas exhibitions in Malaysia and Abu Dhabi. In another example, we are giving consultation services regarding a development method of lighting equipment which has a powerful light source as well as a usage in disaster sites.

To certainly seize business opportunities

To certainly seize business opportunities

Depending on the environment where products are used, there are many cases when products’ values vary greatly. For instance, as for disaster prevention stockpile, a light which does not need a battery, can be used as a light when the power shuts down during disasters. We support overseas expansion of such products. Moreover, when demands for military use are expected to be higher than demands for disaster prevention, we can also provide some advice on how to develop a light which can be used in the battle zone.
Crisis intelligence has many experienced staff who know realistic scenes such as disaster sites and battle areas in detail. Therefore, our major strength is we can provide consulting service from the user’s perspective about what troubles there are and what is most valuable on the sites.
If you think you would like to enter the defense industry and think your company’s products can be used for the defense industry, please contact us for more information. There are new business opportunities for companies who aim for overseas expansion. We also support overseas companies to enter Japanese market.

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