NSBT Japan

Japan’s first web portal which specialize in security business,
NSBT Japan

NSBT Japan

Japan’s first web portal which specialize in security business,NSBT Japan

The NSBT Japan is first Japanese web portal which specialize in security business operated by Crisis Intelligence.

Our aim is to enlarge and develop security business network through the NSBT Japan. This web portal provides the latest domestic and international news, specialists’ opinions, event information, video content, business information and various services.

To all the people who are involved with security business

In Japan and overseas, various events such as defense exhibitions are held, and many companies try to seize business opportunities. However, after the best excitement is shown during such events, increased excitement tapers off and, in many cases, it ends up connection cannot be developed.
Considering such negative effects peculiar to such events, we established the “NSBT Japan” where sellers and buyers can connect daily. While we disseminate information related to world advanced defense and security business through the NSBT Japan, we will aim for developing media website which can become a platform for whole security business.

Users of the NSBT Japan

On the NSBT Japan, many useful information is provided for people who already involve with security business. But there is a lot of useful information for who are thinking of entering this business in the future as well.
For example, even if you would like to join business related to the Self-Defense Force, it is impossible to do so if you do not know the number of employees of the Self-Defense Force, the size of its budget or where their decisions are made. This web portal is used as the place to give you such an information.
The NSBT Japan’s target customer is not only businesspeople but also active Self-Defense Force officials and police officers. Such “active” officials’ only information source was the Self-Defense Force or police in the past. But if they become a member of the NSBT Japan, they can directly learn about products and equipment which are available overseas by themselves.
The NSBT Japan’s strength is that we can provide not only general security information but also valuable latest information without compromising quality.

Specialists’ contribution

On the NSBT Japan, people who used to belong to the Self-Defense Force write a report as an exclusive analyst of the NSBT Japan. Therefore, information from the point of view of specialists is available. The content of the column varies and includes light to niche information such as perspective on the Self-Defense Force’s rank mark and technologies sought after in the Self -Defense Force. While news is updated every week, various worldwide business news is collected. One or two special reports are published every week.

As an information source for security business

On this web portal, you can find information about which country purchased what products or what kind of products are used. Therefore, you can use this web portal as a source of information for security business. Using the NSBT Japan enlarge your business opportunities.

You can also find out where your company’s products have the possibility to be sold. Moreover, if new markets emerge during your product development, you can proceed in that direction.

This web portal is full of information which is not available in Japanese website such as new overseas product information, information on products you have never seen, information on contracts and what other countries try to do.

Our Board Members and Analysts

Koichi Isobe

Senior Strategist
Former 37th Commanding General of the Eastern Army, Japan Ground Self-Defense Force / Lieutenant General

Koichi Isobe

He currently works as a strategist in Japan and globally. He is a strategy consultant for Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd., as well as an executive strategist for the NSBT Japan. He also serves as a director of the Japan Association for International Security.


Moreover, he serves as a guest lecturer at the Joint Staff College of the Ministry of Defense specializing in joint operations, Japan-U.S. alliance, and strategies. He served as a senior research fellow at the Harvard University Asia Center from 2017 to 2019 as well as the Asia Pacific Initiative from 2017 to 2021.


As soon as he graduated from the National Defense Academy with a major in international relations theory in 1980, he joined the Ground Self-Defense Force and worked as a helicopter aviator. Later he served as the chief, Defense Policy and Programs Department of Ground Staff Office as well as the Central Readiness Force deputy commander. He also served as the director of Defense Programs, Joint Staff Office and commanding general of the Ground Self-Defense Force’s 7th Armored Division and the vice chairman of the Joint Staff Office. He retired from active duty in 2015 after serving as the commanding general of the Eastern Army as his last appointment.


He earned a Master of Art in military studies from the Marine Corps University in 1996, and a Master of Science in National Resource Strategy from the National Defense University in 2003. His publication includes “The front-line of Operation Tomodachi - Lessons Learned from the Fukushima Nuclear Accident for Improving Japan-U.S. Cooperation” (This book received the Japan Society of Defense Studies Inoki Masamichi Special Award in 2019.) and “National Security Strategy Primer- Learn from U.S. National Defense University” in September 2023.

Kiyoaki Kawanami

Former Deputy Commander of Air Support Command, Japan Air Self-Defense Force / Major General

Kiyoaki Kawanami

Current Position: Adviser, Defense Systems Division


He graduated from the National Defense Academy of Japan with a major in Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of Management Studies in 1988, then joined in the Air Self-Defense Force. He flied over 3,450 hours in total as the F-15 pilot and engaged in Anti-aircraft intrusion mission etc. And he served as a Director of Public Affairs Office, Air Staff Office; Chief of Operations Support Division; Commander of the 83rd Air Squadron; Commander of the 9th Air Wing; Director of Operations Support and Intelligence Department, Air Staff Office; and Commander of the Air Rescue Wing, primarily serving in operational positions within the Japan Air Self-Defense Force. He retired from active duty in 2023 after serving as the deputy Commander of Air Support Command as his last appointment. He completed the master's program at the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies and obtained a master's degree. He also completed the U.S. Joint and Combined Operations Course. We can see him as a commentator on the History Channel’s program“DEFENDING JAPAN Season2.”

Kenshi Kamitakahara

Senior Analyst
Former Technical Executive (Research and Development), Japan Air Self-Defense Force / Lieutenant Colonel

Kenshi Kamitakahara

Current Position: Division Manager, CRISIS INTELLIGENCE Co.,Ltd


After graduating from the National Institute of Technology, Hachinohe College, Toyohashi University of Technology, the Toyohashi University of Technology, the Graduate school of the same university with a major in materials science, he joined in the Air Self-Defense Force as the technical executive in charge of research and development. He engaged in research and development of warning and control radars, radio wave collecting equipment, and electronic warfare devices for fighter jets at the Technical Research and Development Institute (now the Acquisition, Technology & Logistics Agency), the Technical Department of the Air Staff Office, the Headquarters of the Air Development and Test Command, and the Air Research Center, among others.
After retiring from active duty, he worked at the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology Quantum ICT Co-creation Center before his current position. From August 2021 to March 2023, he served as a research committee member at the Yasuhiro Nakasone Institute of Peace Research, a public interest incorporated foundation. He is a member of the Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers.


His major publications: "Thinking about Game Changers: What Are Effective Weapons in Future Multi-Domain Operations?" in Air Power Studies, Issue 7 (March 2021); "Space and Cyber: Part 1 Chapters 2 and 4, Appendix 1" in a Special Issue of Air Power Studies, Issue 7 (March 2021); " Challenges in Applying Artificial Intelligence to Defense Equipment: Especially Machine Learning" in Air Power Studies, Issue 8 (July 2021); "Challenges in Applying Artificial Intelligence to Defense Simulations: "Challenges in Applying Artificial Intelligence to Defense Simulations: Limitations of Applying Machine Learning to Strategic Simulations " in Air Power Studies, Issue 9 (December 2021).


Former Special Operations Group Member, Japan Ground Self-Defense Force

Ippei Tsuji

He is in charge of analysis and experiment about foreign military units and equipment as an expert in small unit tactics, urban warfare, operations in darkness or at night, special operations, personal equipment, and unit training. He is former member of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force, having served in both an infantry regiment and a special operations group.

Hiroyasu Harada

In charge of International situation and Security business

Hiroyasu Harada

He is charge in analyze in international affairs and security as an expert in this field. He graduated from the Tokyo University of Science Graduate School of Management of Science and Technology with a major in Intellectual Property Strategies. After he worked at the think tanks focused on diplomacy and international issues and at school, he moved to his current position.

Hisao Nanba

Former Technical Development Executive, Defense Section at a major electronics manufacturer

Hisao Nanba

He is charge in analyze and experiment as an expert in all of technology field related to night vision devices (including Night Vision Goggles and infrared night vision devices.) He engaged in research and development of infrared imaging apparatus and infrared devices at a leading defense electronics manufacturer with mainly delivering night vision devices and infrared devices to the Ministry of Defense.

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